BWCA Outfitter FAQs


Q: What is the suggested personal gear & item list for an overnight canoe trip?

A: Personal Clothing:

Wet Shoes: These can range from an old pair of sneakers, high tech water shoes, or boots. Your feet will get wet when you enter/exit the canoe in the water (WE ONLY RENT KEVLAR CANOES WHICH REQUIRE A WET ENTRY/EXIT. THE CANOES ARE NOT TO BE DRAGGED ONTO ROCKS). These shoes will also be used for portaging, therefore you need something that provides good ankle support. A pair of rubber knee-high boots will work just fine. Rubber boots are nice for spring and fall trips when the water is cool.

Camp shoes: A lightweight pair of hiking boots, sport sandals, or sneakers.

Comfortable socks: Wool or some type of synthetic fiber works best.

Synthetic long underwear (Top and bottom): (Fall and Spring Trips May & Sept-Oct).

Wind jacket: A Gore-Tex rain jacket can double as a wind shell, but sitting around the campfire tends to put burn holes in them. An inexpensive nylon anorak will save that expensive Gore-Tex for when you really need it.

Wind pants: Quick drying nylon work well.

2 pair shorts

2 long sleeve synthetic quick dry shirts: Great for sun and bug protection

2-3 T-shirts: This is up to the individual. We bring (2)…one we use for paddling and portaging, and one that stays clean for those days that we relax around camp.

Fleece jacket or pullover: Wool will also work, but no cotton sweatshirts.

Rain gear: WATERPROOF!!! We recommend Gore-Tex or a comparable waterproof breathable fabric.

Hat: Very important item. The hat should have a wide brim to provide ample protection from the sun.

3 pair Underwear: Believe it or not, this is not an important item. If you bring shorts that contain inserts, it eliminates the need for underwear. However, if you feel you need to wear them, 3 pr will be sufficient.

Paddling gloves (not necessary, but some people swear by them)

Warm gloves (Fall and Spring Trips May & Sept-Oct)

Fleece Hat: (Fall and Spring Trips May & Sept-Oct)

Warm long pants: (Fall Trips and Spring Trips May & Sept-Oct) A pair of fleece pants are great!

NOTE: This may not seem like a lot of clothing for an extended wilderness trip, but all of the items suggested are synthetic and quick drying. Remember if your not wearing it, you have to carry it, and when it is on your back every ounce counts. If you feel you need to include items not mentioned in this list, bring them along with you and we will discuss it at the pre-trip meeting. You can always leave things in your car once your are in Ely, but if you do not bring them, you are out of luck.

Personal Items:

Water filter

Flashlight or head lamp

Extra batteries

Insulated coffee mug (provided with full outfitting)

Water bottle (provided with full outfitting, but if you have a favorite one bring it along)


First aid kit

2 Lighters


Biodegradable Soap

Bug dope: A “DEET” based product is recommended. You can bring Skin so Soft but when the bugs are bad you will wish you hadn’t. For kids, use a 20% based DEET repellant

Small pocket knife or Multi-tool

Sunglasses: I recommend polarized lenses because they allow you to see underwater structure and fish.

2-3 bandanas

Pack towel: A small towel works just fine

Paperback book

Personal hygiene items

Personal medication

Playing cards

Camera with extra film

Pre packed moistened towels

Small Mirror

Dental Floss

Tooth brush & paste

Fishing Gear

We would like to stress that this is your trip and if you wish to bring any of the items that we provide along with your own Personal Equipment Items, feel free to do so. We have learned through experience that the equipment we suggested is sufficient to make your trip comfortable, and enjoyable. If you have any questions about gear selection, route planning, entry or take-out times, or anything else you can think of feel free to give us a call.

Q: What brands of gear does Moose Track Adventures use in their All-Inclusive & Complete Outfitting Packages?

A: We use the following top-of-the-line gear:

Canoe: Wenonah Kevlar Canoes

The premier canoe brand for long trips in lake regions. Due to its exceptional performance and capacity, this is the canoe of choice for knowledgeable lake-country explorers, park rangers, and professional camping or fishing guides.

Paddle: Bent Shaft Paddle

An great paddle for general touring. This light-weight elbow paddle also has the durability of composites.

PFD: MTI Livery

The MTI Livery Vest combines simplicity and superior comfort. Excellent fit range with large arm holes for great mobility. Vest has an anatomically carved lower back panel that minimizes ride-up when seated. Four side straps adjust for a custom, contoured fit.

Tent: Marmot or North Face Tent

A roomy tent, easy to set up. Vestibules, for lots of storage, gear pouches inside the tent, and super-sturdy tie-out loops.

Sleeping Bags: Marmot, Mountain Hardware and The North Face.

Sleeping Pad: Therm-A-Rest Full Length

The standard expedition pad used in outdoor trips, very lightweight and efficient.

Canoe Pack: Granite Gear or Kondos Outfitter Pack

Inside foam pocket, gusset buckles, detachable wide waist belt, side hanger, side compression straps, side handles, adjustable sternum and cinch strap. This pack is topped off with a snorkel top with drawstring to increase your load when necessary. The contoured curved back straps feel and ride well.

Dining Fly: Kondos

Deluxe Taped Rip-Stop Tarps are exceptional in strength, quality and value. The edges are reinforced with nylon tape and it has a generous quantity of nylon tape loops for staking out your tarp to your personal configuration.

Stove: Coleman Peak 1 Feather 400

Burner bowl and wind screen help protect flame in windy conditions. Fits easily in most backpack pockets. Precise low to high flame control – simmer to boil. Fold out legs help keep stove stable. Study, lightweight stove operates on clean-burning Coleman® Fuel.

Camp Chair: Crazy Creek

Outstanding comfort on any terrain. Lightweight and easy to carry. Adjusts for a wide range of sitting positions. Protects from wet ground. Insulates from cold & snow.

Q: What’s included in an All-Inclusive & Guided Overnight Canoe Package?

A: This is what is included:

Fully outfitted wilderness canoe trip

Professional guide


Round trip entry point shuttles as required by your trip. (Fly-in or Crane Lake options are not included.

Live bait

Fresh lunch & cold beverages

BWCA Permit & User fees

Q: What’s included in a Complete Deluxe Kevlar Canoe Outfitting Package?

A: This is what is included:

Traveling Gear:

We-no-nah Kevlar Canoes with comfortable portaging yokes!

Wooden paddles

Life Jackets (vest type)

Granite Gear/Kondos Equipment Packs with padded backs, waist belts and adjustable straps

Stuff sacks for personal items

Crazy Creek Chairs -A necessity for ultimate camp comfort!

Water Proof Map Case

Tent & Sleeping System:

Marmot Tents with ground sheet

Marmot Sleeping Bags – always freshly laundered

Lightweight Pillow

Large Lightweight Tarp/Dining Fly

ThermaRest Full Length Self-Inflating Sleeping Mattress

Granite Gear Compression Sacks

Food & Cooking Gear:

Taste Bud Tickling Menu -with Fresh Food!

Ultra-Light Cook Kit with Utensils

Lightweight Cooking Stove with Extra Fuel

Griddle (optional)

Dish Soap & Scrubber

Bear Rope System for Hanging Food Pack

Ultra-Light Aluminum Folding Saw

Fire Gloves Matches & Firestarter

Trash bags

Personal & Miscellaneous Items:

Personal Gear Packs (if needed)

Nalgene Water Bottles (if needed)

Stuff Sacks for Your Gear & Clothes

Extra Rope

Toilet Paper

Boat Tape (small roll of duct tape)

Expert Trip Routing and Detailed Maps

Free Parking in our Private Lot

Free Showers After Your Trip

Q: What’s included in a Kevlar Canoe & Food Package?

A: This is what’s included in the $58 per person Kevlar Canoe & Food Package:

ultra-light kevlar canoe

straight paddles

life vest

cook kit – pots w/lids (stove/fuel is extra)

cooking & eating utensils

ultra-light food with food pack

The $48 per person Kevlar Canoe & Food Package:

ultra-light kevlar canoe

straight paddles

life vest

ultra-light food with food pack

* lunch & dinner is included for the first day on the water

* breakfast & lunch included for the last day on the water

* all other days include 3 meals a day

Q: Do I need to license my canoe?

A: All motorized and non-motorized watercraft, including canoes, must be licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. An exception to this includes watercraft currently registered in another state and not kept in Minnesota for more than 90 consecutive days. If your watercraft is not registered you may do so in person at the deputy registrar of motor vehicles in Ely during regular business hours or you may contact the DNR License Bureau in St. Paul at 1-612-296-3336

Q: Where do I get detailed maps on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness?

A: We sell detailed maps of the BWCAW. The maps are made by WA Fischer and are priced at $7.95 each.

Q: Do I need a permit for canoe day trips into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness?

A: Yes, anytime you enter the BWCAW you need a permit. For non-motorized day trips such as hiking and canoeing a self-issuing permit system is used. The self-issuing permit forms are available at the main BWCAW entry points. No reservation is required. A quota permit is needed for all overnight use and day motor use.

Q: What are the Boundary Water Canoe Area Entry Points?

A: Click here for BWCAW permit information and map with entry points

Q: What are the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness Rules & Regulations?

A: Click here for information

Q: How do I apply for a Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) Permit?

A: Click  here to be redirected to Canada Border Service Agency website

Q: What are the fish species of Northern Minnesota?

A: Muskie, Northern Pike, Walleye, Trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Crappie & Sunfish.

Q: Where/How do I buy a MN fishing license?

A: You can wait till you get to Ely and stop in at Holiday Gas station or any bait shop Or Click here to go to Minnesota DNR Online License Sales

Q: What are the fishing regulations for MN?

A: Click here to go to MN Department of Natural Resources Fishing Regulations