BWCA Shuttles & Transportation

Little Indian Sioux River$50.00$75.00
Kawishiwi Lake$100.00$130.00
Isabella Lake$50.00$75.00
Island River$40.00$65.00
Lake OneFree$35.00
Moose LakeFree$35.00
Gabbro LakeFree$35.00
Snowbank LakeFree$35.00
Mudro Lake$40.00$60.00
Moose River North$50.00$75.00
Fall LakeFree$30.00
Wood LakeFree$30.00
South Kawishiwi RiverFree$35.00
Crane Lake$125.00$150.00
Burntside LakeFree$35.00
Ely Airport$25.00$50.00

Rates cover land transportation one way for the group & their gear.

Other to and from entry points are available. Prices are based on distance and shuttle time. Tow service available upon request.

(Please Note: If your Partial Outfitting rental amount totals over $200, the above Partial Outfitting Shuttle Amount applies. If the Partial Outfitting rental amount does not meet the $200 minimum, the Partial Outfitting transport fees listed below are doubled.)