Boundary Waters Fishing Equipment List

Fishing Rod and Reel
Medium Light or Medium 2 piece spinning rod
6-8 LB test line
10 LB test line on extra spool

Surface Lures
Rapala minnow: 3 inch black and silver
Bass Oreno
Henndon Zara Spook
Henndon Zara Pup
Tiny torpedo

Crank Baits
Repala Deep Runner: 3 and four inch in various colors. I like Perch Colored
Repala shallow runners: Same as Above
Wally Diver
Crayfish imitations

Lead headed jigs are by far the “best-all-around” fishing lures. And you should be equipped with lots of them. Our favorites are 1/8-1/4 oz in various colors, such as black, chartreuse, orange, pink and green.
Bring some ¾-1 oz for jigging Lake Trout

Doctor Spoons ½-3/4 oz, one oz is good if you have a rod with good backbone
Kastmaster ½-3/4 oz silver and gold
Daredevil: good old stand by. Red and white

Twister tails in various colors such as black, yellow, chartreuse
Sassy Shads: Silver and Perch
Power Grubs: 3 inch in various colors such as crayfish and black

Various Stuff
Slip Bobbers
Hooks: size 6 and 4
Split shots
Hook remover (for catch and release)
Filet Knife

Roaster Tails