Planning Your Boundary Waters Trip ElyThere is no better time than now to begin planning your next Boundary Waters trip. Before you throw your life jacket in the back of the truck and hit the road, there are some things you need to know! Who’s going? Where are you staying? What do you want to see? Do you want a professional to take you along? How “in shape” are the people you are going with? These are all extremely valid questions to ask yourself before you decide to venture out into the Boundary Waters. Fortunately, Moose Track Adventures can help guide you, outfit your group with equipment and plan your perfect Boundary Waters Trip.

When are You Going to the Boundary Waters?

BBRRR!!! It’s getting cold pretty quickly. Deciding on the “when” in any trip will help determine who can go and what types of activities you are planning on doing. While most fishing in Boundary Waters happens between May and August, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go in the early spring. In fact, bugs are less of a hassle this time of year anyways. If you are looking to fish, guided fishing trips are available at Moose Track Adventures.

Who is Going and How Much Experience do They Have?

Getting a big group together is a lot of fun! However, if you are looking to do some rigorous camping and canoeing, consider doing it as a smaller group with those that have more experience. The last thing you want to happen is a large group of people with little experience during a backcountry camping expedition.

Where are You Staying?

While some come to the Boundary Waters in the winter for camping, most of us would prefer to head back to a warm or cool cabin any time of year. Moose Track Adventures has a variety of cabin rentals for both long and short stay visits. We have both lakeside cabins and campsites for those wishing to keep it rugged.

Would You Like a Professionally Guided Trip?

This goes back to who all is in your group and how much experience they have. A professionally guided canoe trip makes planning very easy and simple and ensures you have someone with experience along for the ride. Our professional guides at Moose Track Adventures have both a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Boundary Waters, the types of fish that are currently biting, and unwavering wilderness skills that they are ready to share.

Planning your Boundary Waters trip can be a vacation in itself. While you dream of all the things you plan on doing while you are here, Moose Track Adventures can make it happen for you. To plan your next Boundary Waters trip, call Moose Track Adventures today at 218-365-4106.