Boundary Waters Cabin in WinterYes, we know it’s the dead of winter. Yes, we know more snow is coming. Yes, we know that our cabins are closed right now! No, that does not mean you should wait to book your trip! At Moose Track Adventures, we are preparing for an amazing spring filled with fun and excitement, and if you don’t book soon, you may just miss it! Don’t procrastinate on Trip Advisor’s #1 suggestion, booking your trip to visit Ely, MN this spring should be on your top New Years Resolution!

Be Here When The Fish Spawn

What will any great fishermen tell you about the spring? If you are looking for that beautiful largemouth, your best bet is in the spring! Bucketfish in Ely, MN will start spawning typically when the water temperature hits about 65 degrees. This means that in the early spring, you can actually sight-fish for your largemouth. Additionally, the water in Ely, MN has some of the best bass fishing due to lower waters. The shallow bushes and laydowns typically have that rising water and can become a good choice for nesting areas for bass. This makes it perfect for fishermen looking to make a good catch!

Suns Out, Snakes Out

Maybe snakes don’t scare you and maybe you think they’re even cool, but having a large cottonmouth falling into your boat or climbing up on the side can sure make you jump in the water. Fortunately, with the cooler weather in Minnesota, snakes don’t start coming out of the woodworks until about mid-May. Enjoy this snake free time and book early!

Hello, Gorgeous

No matter what your reasons may be, fishing, scenery or family time, spring is a gorgeous time of year to come out and enjoy Ely, MN. Whether you’re looking to catch the melting ice and snow or do some serious fishing, there is no better time than springtime at Moose Track Adventures.

Beat The Boundary Water Crowds

Moose Track Adventures is arguably the best place to go in the early spring and all throughout the season. For this reason, our cabins, equipment and permits are quick to sell out! We offer on a first come, first serve basis. If you don’t want to get left behind, booking your spring trip at Moose Track Adventures should be done today!

So don’t wait any longer! Give Moose Track Adventures a call today and begin planning your next Ely, MN adventure! Call us today at 218-365-4106.