guided day canoe tripHave you ever wanted to get away for a day, even just a few hours to regain peace within yourself while reconnecting with nature? Here at Moose Track Adventures we offer guided canoe trips for outdoor day adventurers just like you! Explore our Eco-tourism spots of the landscape around you where you feel like your in the middle of nowhere, yet in the center of life at the same time. Our day trip guided canoe adventures of the boundary waters will give you a glimpse into what life is meant to be about, living in the moment. Our expert guides have many years of experience exploring miles and miles of the boundary water canoeing areas starting from Farm Lake and going all the way into Quetico. For an amazing day to tell your friends about for years to come, give us a call for your guided day journey through the beautiful and legendary boundary waters.

What to Expect for Day Trips

Day trips, of course, are going to depend on when and where you are heading for your canoe trip outfitting adventure. Packing essentials while paying attention to the forecast will go along way with the enjoyment of your day trip journey. Along with your personal specialized outdoors expert you will also have:

  • Life Jacket- Vest type
  • Permits -(destination depending)
  • Canoe- Top of the line
  • Shuttle – To &/or From
  • 4 hours- Half Day
  • 8 Hours- Full Day

During the experience, you may find many amazing sights to behold, such as;

  • A Variety of Wildlife
  • Old Growth Pines
  • Floating Bogs
  • Boreal Spruce Stands
  • Beautiful Rock Formations
  • Trophy Fish

With so many Instagram-able views, the enjoyment can be cherished through and through when traveling calmly down the amazing and unique surroundings of the boundary waters. During the rowing of our lightweight paddles, your expert guide may point out the best fishing spots, or pass along knowledge about bird identification and communication, and other interesting facts about the wildland we all cannot seem to separate from.

Enjoying the great outdoors with a day guided pass in the boundary waters near Ely, MN. It is an experience suitable for all ages. There is so much beauty to discover and we are blessed having an amazing view right in our backyard. Come enjoy the scenery of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area before the season ends. Feel the crisp fall air while gliding above crystal clear waters as eagles fly above in a majestic fashion. Give us a call today to set up your amazing guided and outfitted canoe trip in the boundary waters 218-365-4106!