Outfitting Boundary WatersReady to explore the BWCA Wilderness with all you need on your back and in your canoe? Then Moose Track BWCA Outfitting is the perfect resource for you. Just reserve your dates and talk to us about what brings you up to the BWCA and we can equip you for your adventure through this raw land of nature. From obtaining your BWCA Entry Permits to Camping and Canoeing Gear Rental, we even have BWCA guides that are a wealth of information.  Get out of society, out from behind those walls and into a place preserved for its wonder, beauty and natural benefits.

Quality Camp & Canoe Outfitting Gear

Discover the freedom of having nothing but the essentials. When you do this, make sure your essentials are in a condition to get you through your journey safely, happily and more comfortably. We offer many BWCA Outfitting Options for when you decide to swap pavement for waterways and a tv for a fireplace.

Boundary Water Canoe Trip Outfitting Options

  • All-Inclusive Outfitting – Looking for a personalized BWCA canoe trip, planned by you and local BWCA experts? Our all-inclusive outfitting package offers everything from the mapping your route and canoes to extra rope and a shower at our Ely Resort. Food, cooking utensils, tents, mattresses and even a waterproof case for your map. We have spent our lives exploring the BWCA and in that time we’ve gotten the packing part of camping the BWCA down to a science and we’ve rolled that up and now we offer it to you and your group too.
  • Canoe & Food Outfitting – Got everything you need except the canoe and food? We can help. Our BWCA Outfitting Menu has options from a big juicy steak to vegetarian options, so you have the option of selecting all the meals you eat.
  • Partial Canoe & Camping Trip Outfitting – Did you just need to rent a canoe for your BWCA adventure or a few odds and ends for camping, fishing or canoeing? We can help ensure you feel confident in what you bring and help fill in any gaps before you are on your way.

Personalized BWCA Outfitting Resources

We are home. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is where we have chosen to plant our roots and for over 20 years we have been Guiding and Outfitting people all throughout the BWCA. Enjoy the experience, free yourself from the regular and immerse yourself in something entirely different – contact us today 218-365-4106.