Nature BWCA There are many ways to enjoy the Boundary Waters Canoe Area… Some enjoy spending their vacation in a cozy lake cabin, taking guided day trips into the BWCA, Superior Forest or Quetico to experience and learn more. And then others want to be fully submerged in it and often search for the convenience of BWCA Outfitting Services. Getting back to nature can mean a variety of different things for the variety of people we have on this earth but the results are the same: completely transformative.

Nature Teaches: Live for NOW

Are you wanting some silence from the constant ‘to-do list’ running around in your head all day, every day? Nothing can bring you the same kind of solace as nature. It is a place where you become one with the world and the moment. It can also teach you more about what is important. Instead of scrolling through your phone to pass the time and getting wrapped up in comments, the news, politics and other mass sources of media you and yours can experience the simple power of the push of a paddle, the breathtaking sight of a nearby waterfall and delighted when you find your designated campground, trust me, it will be more than enough!

There is no need to know what your favorite celebrity is wearing, read how passionate other’s feel about issues (especially if you don’t agree), or even check to see what the score is (at least this second) because when you are in the moment and focusing on what you really need in life it all just fades away. Time is really all we have and it doesn’t last forever. How are you spending your time? Some say it is more valuable than money. We like to spend it in Ely!

Ely Vacation Resource

If you want to spend your time in Ely near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, The Superior Forest and Quetico – then Moose Track Adventures is your perfect Ely Vacation Resource. For years we have helped many families, friends, and groups get the most of what they want while staying near Ely. This is our home, we know and love it and are excited for the chance to share what we know and make new experiences with the people we meet.

Schedule an Ely Vacation for the Time of your Life with the People you Love.