Canoe trips in Ely, MN are once in a lifetime experiences. Getting to explore the Boundary Waters from an entirely different angle is priceless. In truth, people come to explore the BWCA and Ely, MN for a variety of different reasons. This is why, at Moose Track Adventures, we offer a variety of diverse guided Boundary Waters trips. One of our most favorite trips of them all happens to be our Eco-tourism day trip.

Expert Guides

At Moose Track Adventures, you don’t just have expert canoers on your side. You also have wilderness experts that live and breathe the outdoors. They know the waters and the terrain better than they know the back of their hand. Our guides have years of experience in guided canoe trips and really can zone in on your interests during your trip. The point of your trip is to really get a feel for the land. Our expert guides have vast amounts of knowledge on the Boundary Waters wildlife and vegetation. They can find those picture perfect views and immerse you in the beauty of untamed nature.

Customizing Your Day

Whether you are looking to see nature up close or photograph the beautiful scenery, we’ve got you covered. Check out the floating bogs, the oldest pines in the land, and listen to the bird songs. Explore the forest ecology, the flowering plants and even the smallest of microorganisms on the Boundary Waters. The opportunities are endless with Moose Track Adventures.

Day Options

Every guided canoe trip will include a guide, canoe, permit and a shuttle to take you to and from the BWCA. Your guide will also supply your life jacket and permits needed to go along the BWCA. You have the option of a full or half day trip. A full day is from 8:00am until 4:00pm, with rates varying per the amount of people. A half day is from 10:00am until 2:00pm, with rates varying per amount of people.

Things to Bring Along

While we supply many items, it’s a good idea to bring along the following:

● Rain gear
● Sunglasses
● Sunscreen
● Hat
● Camera
● Layers if cooler out
● Beverages and snacks along the way

We also do not include a BWCA permit, Minnesota fishing license, or a forest service tax. These are all things to consider when planning your trip.

Ready to go? To book your guided Boundary Waters Eco-Tourism Day trip in Ely, MN, call Moose Track Adventures today at 218-365-4106 or send us an email at