Ice Fishing Boundary WatersJust because we are closed for the season doesn’t mean the adventures should stop! Our guides at Moose Track Adventures like to take a few adventures of their own and dig into the wonders of ice fishing in the boundary waters during the off season. If you enjoy a little frost on your nose and ice under your feet, it’s time you try ice fishing in the boundary waters too!

The Best Time to Ice Fish: The First Freeze

Well, first of all, you need to have ice for ice fishing. The best ice fishing opportunities often appear during the first ice period. Catching the first boundary water freeze has been known to yield some of the greatest numbers of fish for the season. Why is this? According to our guides, fish are still finishing “bulking up” for the winter season ahead. Therefore they are still hunting for food before they scurry down below. Additionally, depending on the weather, there may be zero fishing pressure during the first freeze.

Mobility of Ice Fishing

In order to successfully ice fish in the boundary waters, you must be able to move to locate the fish. If you can’t move, you aren’t going to catch much. So packing light when you are traveling by foot, or preferably, using a snowmobile with all of the gear attached can allow you to move quick with very little strain. Additionally, having all the right equipment can tremendously help when you are constantly chasing schools of fish. Whether you drill 5 holes in one trip or 300, an ice auger and locator will be extremely important to have by your side.

Finding The Fish

So once you drill a hole, it’s wise to only fish it for a couple of minutes. You can look around for fish or even baitfish as a sign that you are on the right track. If you don’t see these signs of life, chances are that hole is not going to be successful. So whip out that locator and move on to the next until you find your fish.


What good is a fishing pole going to do if it snaps right when you hook a fish? Whether you are buying or renting your equipment, finding a good rod and reel is a vital component to a successful ice fishing outing. A strong backbone, a soft tip and a sensitive blank are excellent qualities to a rod and reel when ice fishing. Finding a braided line for your reel helps as it adds more sensitivity to your rod and gives you a direct response to your bait. Your bait should be used with jigging in mind. Our guides have found that this type of fishing is most successful in the icy boundary waters this time of year. When you see that your fish is getting closer to your bait, start jigging shorter and faster. Then of course, it’s hook, line and sinker.

Moose Track Adventures would like to wish you a happy winter season and an even happier ice fishing season! While we may be closed for the winter, our embers are still lit and will be fired up and ready for the spring! Enjoy ice fishing in the boundary waters, your adventure awaits!