Boundary Water Outfitter ElyGoing up to Ely for a Boundary Waters (BWCA) Canoe Adventure? Our Ely Outfitting Services can provide you with everything you need to test the waters and camp out in the wild. Rent all you need to take in the BWCA; Single, double, three person canoes, paddles, Marmot tent, sleeping bags, pots, pans, breakfast, lunch, dinner, backpacks and we offer more outfitting gear. Our All Inclusive Outfitting Package includes help with mapping out your camp/canoeing/portaging route with a local and certified BWCA guide and expert.

Need a BWCA Entry Permit?

Call Moose Track Adventures at 218-365-4106. We are cooperator #98, so we can have your permits ready for you in Ely and ready to be picked up with the rest of your Outfitted Gear for the BWCA. And after you arrive, you can park on our private property while we shuttle you to your designated entry point. You focus on your BWCA trip and let us focus on the details and getting you there. 

What to Pack On your BWCA Journey?

Boundary Waters OutfitterNow you know what we provide, you may be wondering what exactly it is you should bring. If not, it’s always good to double check your bags one last time before you go. What personals you bring on your trip can make a BIG difference in your BWCA experience.  Make sure you’ve thought of everything and check our suggested personal gear list for the BWCA.

How to Plan for the BWCA

There must be a reason for you going there, a main focus within all the beauty and if you know what it is you seek we can lead you towards what we know of it. BWCA history, flora, fauna, fishing, wildlife…the list goes on. We are passionate locals of this area that have gained a vast knowledge of this beautiful land. We know many of the routes within the Boundary Waters and the Superior National Forest, even Quetico personally. And we encourage anyone interested in a BWCA trip, be sure to do your own research when planning to enter the BWCA. Our locals can help you iron out the details and any special detours that are worth taking along the way.

Ely BWCA Outfitter

If you are ready for a challenge you can feel good about, something that throws you out of your comfort zone and into the wild we can help you be fully prepared for the adventure awaits with quality BWCA Outfitted Gear and the Knowledged of our BWCA experts at Moose Track Adventures. Fill out an online request form for your outfitted gear.