Smallmouth Bass Fishing in the Boundary WatersWhen you’re looking to go fishing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota, you could be in for one of the best fishing trips of your life. To make sure that you have the best chance of having an unforgettable time in the BWCA, Moose Track Adventures offers guided fishing trips in the Boundary Waters, helping you have a more successful and enjoyable fishing trip. With our experienced Ely, Minnesota, fishing guides, you can count on being led to the best smallmouth bass fishing locations in the area, increasing your chances of ending the day with some great catches.

Fly-Fishing for Smallmouths

If you’ve ever fished for smallmouth bass, you’ll know just how challenging a task it can be. Smallmouth are fighters, battling against fly fishers with everything they have, resisting harder than any freshwater fish. If you’ve only fished for largemouth bass, then you have no idea what you’re missing. Largemouth bass quit quickly, fighting only for a short time before giving up and letting you reel them in. With smallmouths, though, you can count on having some of the greatest fights of your life while trying to catch your fish, leaving you with the greatest feeling of accomplishment and skill. When you catch a smallmouth, you can really say that you have what it takes to fly fish, having caught a fish that requires patience, skill, and persistence to an unparalleled degree. Because of the challenge they pose to all fly fishers, smallmouth bass are one the most prized game fish in all of the BWCA, and they’re always around in the canoe season to give fly fishers a crack at the challenge of reeling them in.

All-Inclusive Guided Fishing Trips

At Moose Track Adventures, our mission is to help everyone looking to test their hand at fishing in the BWCA have a successful fishing trip that they’ll remember forever. To make sure that this happens, we provide everyone on our fishing trips with the necessary fishing equipment when we set out looking for smallmouth bass. In addition to your boat or canoe, your fishing guide will provide you with bait and tackle that’s perfect for smallmouths; gas and life jackets, to ensure you have the safest trip possible, any necessary permits; and even rods and reels, if you can’t bring your own.

With a fully-outfitted boat with everything you’ll need to make your trip a success, the only thing that can make your trip better is your fishing guide, who will guide you through the BWCA, pointing out the best smallmouth bass fishing spots and helping you master your smallmouth bass fishing technique so that you’ll be able to dive into the experience on your own next time. Whether you’re coming for a four-hour half day or the full eight hours, you won’t be sorry when you leave Moose Track Adventures with the experience of fighting and catching smallmouth bass. Contact our Ely, MN fishing guides today at218-365-4106 or, and see for yourself the difference an experienced guide can make.