BWCA SafetyThe majestic land making up the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is beautiful all year round and because the permit quota season has ended, trips can be made spur of the moment and no reservation is needed for your day or night stay within the Boundary Waters. Simply obtain the permit, at no cost. Most of BWCA entry points have permits ready for the convenience of the travelers. Entry permits are also for the safety of those entering. Anything could happen, in the blink of an eye – this is the wilderness – so safety is quite necessary and that simple stub could mean the difference between someone coming to look for you or not.

By no means is this trying to scare you away from this wondrous, preserved land full of character… it just means you need to be aware and stay aware while you are on your adventure. Risky behavior can cost a life, so play it safe when you are in the wild.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Safety Tips

  • Eat all Your Food – Leftovers in the Boundary Waters are appealing to the wrong sorts…ones looking for an easy meal they can smell.
  • Bite the Bullet and Carry a Small Camp Stove – This is especially important when going on long trips or in the cooler weather. The wind, rain and damp conditions can make fire darn near impossible or at least an unnecessary struggle. Fire is important for warmth, food/water, and even light – it is one of the main essentials needed for survival. A small camp stove will give you fire instantly, something priceless to have in your pack.
  • Bring First Aid – Even the smallest break in the skin can easily become infected and worsen if not sterilized and wrapped. Bleeding needs gauze, pressure and proper dressing. You are far away from help, even if just a day trip – better safe than sorry!
  • Wear your PFD/Lifejacket on the Water – The Boundary Waters Canoe Area has countless channels, lakes and even rapids. Wearing your life vest is just another added way you can easily play it safe while in this raw land.
  • Plan your Route – The entry point you choose and canals you take will determine the intensity of your path. If you do not plan your BWCA trip, from campsite to portage and water you may be journeying a path too intense, you may miss a campsite or you may miss a portage. In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area portaging is critical, many of the rapids do not show their true power on the waters surface and by the time you realize it, it’ll be too late.
  • DONT DRINK the WATER – Though it looks crystal clear in places and it can flow with a heavy current, do not drink the water. The waters are deceiving as the frequent Giardia lamblia parisite is quite active in these waters and may send you to the hospital.
  • Hypothermia Can Occur in Temps as High as 70 Degrees – Jaw dropping right? Well, it is true! All your internal body temperature has to dip to is 95 degrees and hypothermia kicks in.

We could go on but we trust that this can give you the running start you need to have a fun, adventurous BWCA trip! Stay Safe and Venture On! If you need Outfitting Services for your BWCA trip contact us at 218-365-4106!