Boundary Waters Fishing Ely MNWhen looking to go to the boundary waters fishing in October near Ely, MN – look no further than here at Moose Track Adventures! We have lakeside view cabins and campgrounds for you to rest your head after a long day of adventurous fall fishing. Whether you are looking for a guide, or an outfitter, your one stop shop for Ely. We know, you have a home-away-from-home to go to. After staying with us, your home will remain where your heart is, here fishing the boundary waters in Ely MN!

BWCA Fishing in the Fall

Having a great fishing experience is the name of the game, especially if traveling so far to find some peace. Commonly found this time of year are Northern Pike. Northern Pike are a very aggressive species found here when BWCA fishing. The beautiful creatures are very attracted to spoon lures.

  • Spoon Lure- Spoon like lure, designed to reflect and attract fish. Some look like fish, flashy colors, mostly oblong and thicker, somewhat spinning motion. Made of metal or shell.
  • Flutter Spoon- Works great for when in darker spots under trees or larger holes when in weeds. With a slower sinking speed flutter spoons will hold the attention of pike and give you a more limited time stuck in the weeds.
  • Trolling Spoon- Right around 3″ and colorful for the reflections, the trolling spoon is light weight and durable to grab and hold the aggressive pike. Although more hooks more catch, that goes with weeds and gills. Either in the 3 hook or single this spoon will grab hold of a lot!
  • Surface Spoon- Very light the surface spoon has a tassel like look at the end keeping more of a float. Limiting the amount of weeds that can be snarled from the ground and fish that may be catching some sun.
  • Jigging Spoon- Commonly a jigging spoon will look like a minnow. The colors very. The jigging spoon works great for the initial attention grabber for the pike to follow. Flicking motions will assist in the lifelike look jigs can take as a decoy.

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Guided fishing trips are amazing, outfitted adventures are so much fun, solo missions are a blast! Whichever way you decide to fish the boundary waters during October by Ely MN. Come stop by Moose Track Adventures, our guides, experience, and lodging is here designed for you, the adventurer. Or give us a call and set up an amazing night stay here 218-365-4106!