Boundary Waters FishingBbbbrrrr! It’s cold out there isn’t it? As the temperature drops outside, the coziness of our cabins and lodges at Moose Track Adventures only heats up! While November fishing in Boundary Waters isn’t as popular this time of year, the fish are still biting and no matter where you are in the wilderness, it is still ready to be enjoyed!

Boats and Paddles

As the cold sets in, people tend to steer away from taking the boats and paddles out onto the water. This is mainly due to the extremely cold temperatures and even small snow flurries that you may experience around this time of year. While the actual lakes don’t typically freeze over until December, the more shallow, small lakes and streams may freeze a bit earlier, depending on temperatures. Typically, the main reason people decide to come and enjoy the Boundary Waters in November is to try their hand at fishing!

Wilderness Vacation Resort

Are you ready to drop a line in one of the most beautiful Northern Minnesota lakeside resorts? Come have a stay in our Ely speciality lodge, equipped with boats, canoes, kayaks, and even fishing finders for when you are out on the water! There are no bugs and not a lot of people this time of year, meaning more peace and quiet for serious fishermen and SERIOUS relaxers! Moose Track Adventures offers the true wilderness experience in the comfort of your own cabin. Camp in the wilderness or rent a beautiful, warm cabin this November. Either way, Moose Track Adventures has got you covered.

Ely Boundary Waters Outfitters

We have a store, Ely Boundary Waters Outfitters, that can equip you with everything you need to explore the land and the Boundary Waters. Whether you are camping and fishing in the boundary waters, or you’ve decided to rent a cabin and go fishing, we make this process physically and financially as easy as possible! We have all types of canoe and camping equipment that you would need during the month of November and we keep all of our products new or gently used to ensure that you are getting the best quality while on your trip.

There are many positives and negatives to fishing in Boundary Water during the month of November, no bugs seeming to be the most positive. While temperatures are chilly, Moose Track Adventures is here to make both your body and your soul warm. Enjoy the wilderness this November and come fishing with us! For more information, give us a call today at 218-365-4106.