FAQ Boundary Waters FishingExpert Advice for Fishing in the BWCA

Anglers from around the world dream of fishing the pristine waters of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Careful planning and preparation can make a huge difference in the kind of experience that you have in the BWCA. You can rely on the Expert Advice from Moose Track Adventures to put you on the right track for catching some of the most sought after fish species in the northland. Anyone from First Time Canoe Paddlers to seasoned professionals can Catch Big Fish and Create Lasting Memories if they understand what to expect and are Outfitted Properly for the journey.

Boundary Waters Fishing Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Moose Track Adventures have seen almost everything in our more than 20 years as a BWCA Outfitter. Our team is eager to help in any way to make your trip to the Boundary Waters the best it can be. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you to better prepare for your adventure.

  1. Where is the BWCA located?
    1. The Boundary Waters area is located in Northern Minnesota near Ely MN and borders Ontario, Canada.
    2. BWCAW is a vast wilderness that covers over 1 million acres of water and forest.
  1. Do I need a Minnesota fishing license?
    1. If you are fishing on the US side of the border in the BWCA then you are required to have a Minnesota fishing license for everyone 16 and over.
    2. MN fishing license can be purchased online from the Minnesota DNR, in Ely MN at a bait shop or Holiday Gas Station.
  1. Will I need a Permit to enter the BWCA?
    1. Yes, a permit is required for entering the Boundary Waters at any time of the year.
    2. Permits are only good for days and entry point specified on permit.
    3. BWCA permits can be obtained from Moose Track Adventures or the US Forest Service.
  1. When is the Minnesota Fishing Opener?
    1. Next year’s MN fishing opener will be May 12th, 2016 (weekend after Mother’s Day)
  1. When does the BWCA canoeing season start and end?
    1. The ice out date typically occurs between the middle and end of April but has happened in May.
    2. Canoeing begins usually around May 15th and ends before the end of September.
  1. What type of wildlife can I see in the Boundary Waters?
    1. Moose
    2. Black Bear
    3. Timber Wolves (gray wolf), Coyote, Fox
    4. White Tail Deer
    5. Bobcat, lynx, cougar
    6. Common Loon, Bald Eagle, Ruffed Grouse
    7. Wolverine, Weasels, Skunks, Porcupine
  1. What species of fish are caught in the BWCAW?
    1. Some of the most popular and sought after fish species caught in the BWCA include: Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and pan fish
  1. What kind of fishing tackle and equipment should I bring?
    1. The type of fishing tackle used to catch fish in the Boundary Waters depends on the fish species, time of year, location, etc.
    2. Check out the Moose Track Adventures FAQs page for a list of equipment to bring along.
  1. Are boat motors allowed in the Boundary Waters?
    1. Motors are prohibited inside of the BWCA.
    2. There are no motor restrictions on Ely MN lakes outside of the BWCA, including the White Iron Chain where Moose Track Adventures is located.
  1. What are Minnesota fishing regulations?
    1. Go to the MN DNR website for updated 2015 fishing regulations.

Be Properly Prepared and Outfitted for BWCA Trip

Moose Track Adventures has what you need to Catch Big Fish and Create Lasting Memories on your Boundary Waters Fishing Trip. We can have you Prepared and Outfitted Properly for a safe and wonderful experience in the BWCA. Moose Track Adventures can provide you with permits and offer Expert Advice for First Time Paddlers and experienced anglers.

Contact Moose Track Adventures for the Experience of a Lifetime in the BWCAW at: 218-365-4106 or Email: info@moosetrackadventures.com