BWCA OutfitterThe BWCA is a vast land full of lakes and channels perfect for canoeing and camping. Since it’s preservation in 1926 it has become a popular vacation for those looking for the freedom of wild adventure and the pureness of nature. Boundary Waters Outfitters are one of the most common ways to vacation light and with little stress. Providing the camping and canoeing gear perfect for the conditions in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a specialty that Moose Track Adventures excels at. We offer Guided and Outfitted Canoe Trips, All-Inclusive Outfitting Packages, Partial Outfitting for the BWCA, Certified Fishing Guides and Canoe Guides for the BWCA.

Quality BWCA Outfitting Available

  • Canoe Outfitter– We offer quality We-no-nah Kevlar Canoes with portaging yokes for added comfort and paddles.
  • Food Outfitter – Enjoy a juicy steak next to the shore hot off the grill, smores on the fire and our Food Outfitting Menu even has vegetarian options as well. We include cooking gear for on the fire.
  • Camping Outfitter – We’ve got your quality Marmot tents and sleeping bags as well as gear packs and even folding camp saws.
  • BWCA Guide & Outfitter – Let us share histories and stories about this vast and majestic land of the BWCA. Our Guides offer both information and intrigue on your trip. We can plan a day trip, a couple day and night trip and everything you will need for your trip, besides your personal essentials will be taken care of.

Outfitter BWCA

Planning your BWCA Trip

A safe and successful BWCA trip starts with planning for success. Our local experts and guides can help point you in the direction of what you seek. Whether you aim to find massive Pike, pictographs or just the peace of solitude, our All Inclusive Guided and Outfitted Packages include professional BWCA trip routing with our knowledgeable team of guides and outfitters who are all local and have spent their lives within the BWCA.

Boundary Waters Outfitting Company

Moose Track Adventures is a dependable outfitting company near the BWCA that has its roots deep in the Northland. For when your sleeping under the stars or paddling your way through the breathtaking waters – all your BWCA Outfitting needs will be fulfilled when you choose to outfit with Moose Tracks. We believe in renting out only equipment in quality shape because we understand the importance of depending on the items you choose to take to the BWCA.

For Quality BWCA Outfitting Services, BWCA Guides or any other inquiries call us at 218-365-4106.