Ely Canoe RentalsImagine paddling around seeing the wildlife in their natural habitats and drifting on top of the calm water to the places where hold to you the most memorable. Dare to leave no stone unturned free range with a group or travel solo, our selection of canoe rentals in Ely MN will give you the upper hand when roaming this great land up north. The great outdoors is our playground, let us help you experience the boundary waters the right way. We can provide you with every safety gear necessary. Accompanied by high quality made Wenonah Kevlar canoes or the traditional aluminum canoes are always a blast! Your way to have a great boundary waters experience is calling Moose Track Adventures for your next canoe rental around Ely!

Guided Canoe

Our guided canoe and camping package is designated to be the cheat sheet in your back pocket by getting placed on fish that you can ’em in. Staying from 3 days or even up to 7, most explorers keep coming back for more. Our experienced guide will be along with touring you around the boundary waters assisting in a safe and fun filled adventure. You will be tearing down and setting up camp, help cleaning and cooking, all along side of an educated local guide. Canoeing down the boundary waters with this experience should be had at least once in a lifetime. After the trip when enjoying a complimentary hot shower, that is when you plan your next adventure back to see us! Give us a call today for any guided canoe outfitter or canoe rental near Ely needs!

Boundary Waters Outfitter Canoe – Unguided

Boundary Waters OutfitterOur boundary waters outfitter supplies you with top brand canoe rentals close to Ely MN, along with the gear to keep you paddling the next day. There are many beautiful sights to be found out on the glass like water and on the land. Charted or uncharted your boundary waters experience will be a tale to be told when you go home. As long as you have the proper fishing licenses and are experienced enough to feast we have the cookware in the package. When your tired sleep under the stars or in our tent provided sleepwear. We offer the best and most durable safety equipment along with much more to accommodate your peaceful boundary waters experience. Be free and enjoy what this land has to offer, also make sure to have your travel papers, the boarder is under 20 miles away! Give us a call for any of your Ely canoe rental or outfitter needs 218-365-4106!