BWCA Guided Canoe and Fishing TripsAt Moose Track Adventures, we’ve built a lifestyle, a business, out of doing what we love on a daily basis – touring the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Every day, our fishing and canoe trip tour guides get to wake up knowing that they’ll be boating and fishing in the waters of the BWCA. For Minnesota wildlife lovers like us, there’s nothing better than exploring the area, fishing in new waters, and canoeing by the wild Minnesota Animals. If you’re a wildlife lover like we all are here in Ely, Minnesota, don’t pass up the opportunity to see the BWCA with a knowledgeable canoe or fishing guide who will take you through the most picturesque views, help you cross paths with amazing wildlife, and leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.

Boundary Waters Camping Canoe Trips

With several options available for canoe trips with Moose Track Adventure tour guides, there’s something for every canoe lover to enjoy. If you’re looking for an extended stay in the BWCA, an all-inclusive Outfitted Guided Canoe Camping Trip or Guided and Outfitted Canoe Camping Package could be just what you’re looking for. With these two tours, you’ll have access to trip essentials like canoes and boating equipment, food, tents, and even one of our experienced fishing guides, and if you opt for the all-inclusive package, you’ll see the full extent of our hospitality as we take care of all of the preparations and shuttle you and your camping equipment to your BWCA campsite.

Guided Canoe Day Trips

If you’re looking for a shorter visit to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, you might enjoy a Guided Eco-Tourism Day Trip, Ely Guided Fishing Day Canoe Trip, or a Custom Canoe Guide Service. With each of these trips, you’ll have the benefit of a canoe guide for the day who will take you paddling, lead you through the beautiful Minnesota views of the BWCA, and point of the wildlife and history of the area. You’ll experience Minnesota wildlife like never before, immersing yourself into the wild in exactly the way you want.

Custom Canoe and Fishing Trips

Whatever your canoe and fishing desires may be, at Moose Track Adventures, we’ll help you have the trip of your dreams in the BWCA. When you come to Ely, Minnesota, you can’t leave without being immersed in the wildlife surrounding you, and with our guided canoe and fishing tours, you can do just that in a way that’s safe, fun, and educational. Contact canoe and fishing guides today at 218-365-4106, or email to find out more about our canoe and fishing trip options, and set up your all-inclusive camping trip, canoe and fishing day trip, or any other canoeing and fishing adventure you’d like to have in the Boundary Waters today.