Fly Fishing in the Boundary WatersMoose Track Adventures offers fly fishers a unique opportunity to take a guided tour through the Boundary Waters Canoe area without having to worry about bringing their own equipment or getting lost. We’ll even help you find the best locations for a successful fly fishing trip. When you come to the Boundary Waters of Ely, Minnesota, it’s impossible to feel like there’s anything missing; from the views to the wildlife to the fish and the water, the entire scene is picturesque, the perfect trip for anyone who loves the outdoors. If that describes you – if you can’t get enough of Minnesota wildlife and fly fishing, testing your abilities in new waters and experiencing nature in new and exciting ways – then this is definitely the place for you.

Guided Boundary Water Fly Fishing Trips

Like all of our guided trips through the Boundary Waters, we have a selection of fly fishing trips meant to cater to the needs and wildlife whims of all of our gusts. At Moose Track Adventures, we want every outdoor enthusiast we meet to leave Ely even more ecstatic and ready to take on their next great outdoor adventure in a new part of Minnesota. That’s why we offer guided fly fishing trips that are meant to go above and beyond what our customers expect. With our Boundary Waters Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike Fly Fishing Guided Trips, you’ll be taken to the best spots around Ely to catch prize-sized fish, and we’ll outfit you with rods, reels, and the best flies for fish in the BWCA.

Beginner Fly Fishing Lessons and Intermediate Fly Fishing Courses

We know that not everyone who loves the outdoors, or fly fishing, is an expert canoer, expert fly fisher, or expert outdoorsperson. The good news is, we don’t expect you to be! Whatever your level of experience, the only thing we want to make sure of is that when you leave Moose Track Adventures, you’ve had the time of your life fly fishing. That’s why we offer not just guided fishing trips throughout the BWCA but also fly fishing lessons for beginners and intermediate-level fly fishers. With these lessons, you can learn the fly fishing basics like casting properly, and more advanced fly fishing tips like dealing with strong winds and low visibility, as well as proper fly fishing etiquette.

If you’re looking for a new adventure for you and your partner, family, friends, or even just yourself, the guided fly fishing trips with Moose Track Adventures are the perfect opportunity for you to explore Ely, Minnesota, and see the picturesque wildlife of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for yourself. If you’re interested in taking a fly fishing trip through the BWCA, or even if you’re looking to take a fly fishing beginners’ lesson or intermediate fly fishing course, Moose Track Adventures is the place for you. Call us at 218-365-4106, or email to find out more about our fly fishing guides and guided trips.