Boundary Waters Guides & OutfittingLooking to take a guided trip through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area? You should know that just because you have a guide, you’ll still have to pull your own weight. Choosing to go on a Guided & Outfitted Trip within the BWCA is not the easy way out but you will sure learn a lot and enjoy the wonders of this untamed land. There’s over 1 million acres of land within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area with designated campsites, many canoe routes and all of the BWCA has been preserved since 1926. Contact Moose Track Adventures to get your BWCA entry permits lined up and in your calendar.

Guided & Outfitted BWCA Trips

Our BWCA guides are locals that have been exploring Canoe Country their entire life and they love sharing what it is they know and have learned in this well respected and traveled canals and land. Spend your days canoeing and learning about the natural habitat, surviving and enjoying yourself with others that also appreciate the beauty and raw state of the BWCA. Spend meals by an open fire, eat your fresh catch and sleep under the stars, there is no way to predict what will happen in the BWCA. But as long as you hope for the best and prepare for the worst, you’ll likely have the time of your life with your chosen group.

Guided BWCA Trips offered:

BWCA Outfitting Services Offered:

Food Provided with OutfittingIf you are looking to adventure the BWCA there is no better Guide & Outfitter to choose from then Moose Track Adventures. We know the area, our gear and how to thrive when carrying everything on our back and above our heads. A lot can change in 100 years, but not the BWCA and when you are there you can see and feel the difference of what almost a century can do. Our guides can teach you about the history of the BWCA and what has been occurring lately within it.

BWCA Outfitter & Guide you can Trust

For a BWCA Guide & Outfitter that knows the importance of quality gear, routing your path and enjoying yourself, contact Moose Track Adventures to reserve your dates. Book your reservations online or call us for more information on our BWCA services and expertise at 218-365-4106.