Dog Friendly Cabine ElyOur Top Rated Ely Resort is proud to offer Dog-Friendly Lakeside Cabins just feet from Farm Lake. The entire family can enjoy something up here in Ely, Minnesota. Take fido fishing, canoeing, hiking, camping and everywhere around our resort. Have fun relaxing in our cozy Air Conditioned Cabins, fishing off a dock, in a boat or join one of our Guides on a BWCA day trip. Ely is here, where are you and your crew?

Dog-Friendly BWCA Vacation

When you choose to adopt a dog, a lot of responsibility rides on that decision. You are their forever home and they need you to help take care of them. Going on a vacation when you have a dog can lead to further stress, not only because of the arrangements you have to have solid before you leave but also always wondering if they are okay, all the while you are far away. Moose Track Adventures understands where you are coming from, with two lovely K9’s in our family, we would love to see your furry family member enjoying your vacation with you,Dog Friendly Vacation right at your side, the way it should be. And as long as your dog is friendly, cabin trained and up for the adventure you can make it a possibility!

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Pet Policy for Our Ely Resort

To protect all of our guests, we ask that your dog(s) not have any aggressive tendencies. We charge $20 a day in the cabins and $5 a day in the campground area. This fee is per pet. Our two golden retrievers roam freely around our private resort and will more than likely stop by with a greeting. Please clean up after your dog and have fido with you throughout your stay here and we also ask that they are up-to-day on vaccines and are healthy enough to be able to enjoy their stay here too.

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Lakeside Cabins fit for Everyone

Dog Friendly ElyIf you are looking to pack up and get a change of scenery, don’t leave part of your family behind. Contact Moose Track Adventures and rent a lakeside cabin that will have your four-legged family member just as happy as you! Adventure the BWCA with a beloved partner of yours and keep those memories with you forever. So exit out of those pet boarder websites, stop calling family members with bribes and reserve your dates to bring your WHOLE family to our Dog-friendly lakeside cabins in Ely.