Outfitter BWCAWilderness Adventures within the BWCA are all unique. One thing that is common, however, is the need for proper equipment when you take on the wild for days and nights at a time. Our Professional Boundary Waters Canoe & Camping Outfitters can fully equip you for your journey within the Superior National Forest, Quetico Park and the BWCA .

All-Inclusive Outfitting Package – Map Routing – Camping Gear – Canoes – Food – Packs

If you are looking for a full resource of the local area and everything this land has to offer – we can help you. We will sit down with you and find the perfect route of streams, rivers, sandy shores, campsites, local history, fish and help ensure the path you take is at the level your group is at. Select from our Outfitting Menu offering fish seasoning, s’mores, we even have vegetarian options. For a truly individualized Wilderness Trip in the BWCA contact our Expert Outfitters.

Guided & Outfitted Options within the BWCA

Want to go a step further and select a guide to join you and immerse you in the history, wildlife and local hidden treasures? We offer Guided & Outfitted BWCA Trips. The same people that map out your BWCA are also guides. Our expert guides have guided many BWCA Trips, have local information and know the history of these preserved lands. So come to our Private Ely Resort Property, park your vehicles and get ready for an adventure you will be talking about all your life with the help from Moose Track Adventures.

Picture your stay within the BWCA

Outfitter BWCAImagine yourself around a fire, under countless glowing stars and no civilization for miles. When it is time to leave you’ll paddle a canoe, instead of driving your vehicle. When it is time to eat you cook on the fire – even catch your meal, instead of microwaving it. No walls, no technology, just you in the world at that very moment living.

Boundary Waters Permits & Outfitting

Do you have your vacation dates set? Call us and we can ensure you get BWCA Entry Permits without a hitch. We are cooperator #98 and can have your Boundary Waters at our Resort waiting for you with all of your Camping & Canoeing Gear, we also offer parking on our private property and shuttles to your BWCA Entry Point of choice and back to your vehicle.

Have an adventure of a lifetime in the BWCA with the help of Moose Track Outfitting! Call 218-365-4106 or fill out an online reservation.