Dog Friendly Ely Lake CabinsIf a dog is a man’s best friend and you want your trip to Ely, MN to be the best thing you do all year, it just doesn’t make sense to leave him behind! As you set out to plan your next adventure near the Boundary Waters in Ely, MN, don’t forget we offer the added pleasure and convenience by letting you choose to include your furry best friend! Moose Track Adventures offers lakeside Ely cabins that are all dog friendly!

Home Away from Home in Northern Minnesota

While humans understand the idea of vacation, we aren’t quite sure dogs do… well, not until they’ve stayed here! At Moose Track Adventures, we have the right mix of adventure and comfort to get both you and your dog enjoying the outdoors while still providing comfort with common amenities around the home. Our Ely lakeside cabins are just 25’ away from the water’s edge and offer a modern and clean feel inside of them. We have fully equipped kitchens that allow you, or your dog, to do all the regular cooking that you would otherwise do at home. We have log & pine furniture throughout the cabins to add to the cabin feel, along with a wood deck, picnic table, and fire ring so you can catch gorgeous views of the lake no matter where you are. Our cabins have easy access to the docks so that you can even see your boat from the large picture window in your cabin. We are confident that you and your pup will feel relaxed and at ease during your stay with Moose Track Adventures.

Cabin Utensils Ely

Doggie Rules At Moose Track in Ely MN

Dog Friendly in ElyBreathing in that Ely, MN air gives you a renewed sense of the outdoors. As long as your dog is friendly and well socialized with other dogs and people, we welcome them with open arms. Typically, our two furry mascots, our golden retrievers Sadie and Maggie, will give them a warm, tail wagging welcome when they arrive. We welcome all of our K9 friends, on or off the leash within our resort. We ask that you clean up after your pet so that when other guests breath in the same Ely, MN air, they aren’t smelling anything that’s stuck to their shoe! Additionally, we do ask that they are not left unattended during your stay at our resort. Lastly, let us know about your animal. For cleaning purposes, we do require a small pet fee for each animal that comes for their own little adventure.

So start planning your trip to the Boundary Waters in Ely, MN. Stay in our dog friendly lakeside cabins at Moose Track Adventures and be prepared to have the best time of your life! For more information or to book your trip today, please give us a call at 218-365-4106.