White Iron Chain of Lakes ElyNow that the holidays are over and 2016 has begun, some of you are starting to make plans for your family vacations. Whether you want to take a trip alone or with a whole slew of people, Northern Minnesota is the place to go! Right beside the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota, Ely, MN has a lakeside campground, lakeside cabins, quality camping and canoeing equipment, and even reliable outfitting services. Where might this be you ask? At Moose Track Adventures, we have everything you need to make your next vacation the best one you’ve ever had!

Lakeside Cabins

There is nothing like taking in a deep breath of Northern Minnesota air. Whether you are camping on our lakeside campground or staying in our cozy lakeside cabins, Moose Track Adventures is the perfect place to enjoy some time off of work and spend quality time outdoors. Our cabins are fully equipped with everything you need to cook and serve food with. Our lakeside cabins are only 25’ away from the beautiful Boundary Waters. Our guests enjoy the coziness of the cabin at night as well as the fire rings set up right outside.

Lakeside Campground

With the lake only being 15’ away, you might as well be sleeping in it! Our lakeside campground has a fire ring and wood table at each site. There is a men’s and women’s shower house with plenty of hot water showers, toilets and sinks for all of our campers.

Reliable Outfitting Services

The Boundary Waters in Ely, MN are a place where folks can really grow with nature. Whether you are feeling adventurous or you’d just like a leisurely day out on the canoe, we have quality camping and canoeing equipment that can help you to achieve your goal. Moose Track Adventures is proud to be a premier spot for reliable outfitting services in Ely. We offer all-inclusive packages for those wanting to really explore the wilderness of the Boundary Waters. Whether you are looking to fish, canoe, or go on a long camping excursion, we offer quality camping and canoeing equipment and reliable outfitting services to help get you there! Additionally, we have BWCA shuttle and transportation services to take you to and from every entry point available on the BWCA.

Lake Side ResortSo as you plan your trip to Northern Minnesota, try not to get too excited and head up this way! Due to the frigid temperatures and lack of canoeing capabilities on ice, we will be closed during the winter months. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and book your trip! For your next Boundary Waters adventure in Ely, MN, give Moose Track Adventures a call today at 218-365-4106!