BWCA MN FishingFor some individuals, there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than fishing. Most people have a pond, lake or creek that they regularly fish on when they have free time. If you are ready for a new fishing adventure in Ely, MN, it is time for you to team up with Moose Track Adventures and try one of our guided fishing trips on the Boundary Waters. With some of the most beautiful landscapes and a plethora of fish in these waters, this is sure to be a fishing trip that you won’t forget!

Professional Fishing Guides

At Moose Track Adventures, we make sure that our fishing guides are experienced and knowledgeable about these Boundary Waters. We’ve been fishing these water for so long that we know all of the good fishing spots around. What is great about our guided fishing trips is that they are available for all experience levels and ages. Just let us know who will be coming on your adventure, what type of fish you are interested in and we’ll handle the rest! Our guided trips can be taken by motor boat or in a canoe, depending on the amount of effort you want to put into the excursion. Some of the most common fish that our fishing guides can help you find include:

  • Small-mouth Bass
  • Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Lake Trout
  • Crappies

Popular Guided Fishing Trips

At Moose Track Adventures, we take pride in offering those visiting Ely, MN with a wide range of options when it comes to a guided fishing trip on the Boundary Waters. Choose from one of our fishing trips, which include:

  • BWCA Basswood Lake – Let our team provide you with all that you need including bait, a boat, gas, life preservers, rods, etc., and let us take you out on the Northern Minnesota Basswood Lake for some of the best fishing around!
  • BWCA Remote Lakes – If you’d prefer to venture into a lake in a more remote location, this guided fishing trip is your best bet. Our fishing guides even know the fine details around remote lakes and can help you find an ideal fishing spot.
  • White Iron Chain of Lakes – Made up of 4 interconnected lakes near Ely, MN, join our fishing guides on an adventure that will provide breathtaking views and plenty of bites!
  • Ely Area – The Boundary Waters in Ely, MN have more than 21 native fish species in these waters and our guides know exactly where to find them.
  • Ultimate Cast & Blast – If you consider yourself a very experienced fisher, this may be the trip for you. Join us for 2 full days of fishing on the Boundary Waters. Our fishing guides will map out the plan and help you find whatever types of fish you may be interested in.

At Moose Track Adventures, we have a passion for providing the perfect environment for fishing the Boundary Waters in Ely, MN. Regardless of experience or age, our fishing guides have an adventure that you’ll enjoy. To sign up for one of our guided fishing trips, give us a call today at (218) 365-4106 or email