Ely CabinsMoose Track Adventures is proud to be located in the wonderful town of Ely, MN. As Trip Advisor’s number one destination spot, Ely, MN is one trip you will never forget! It can easily become an annual or bi-annual event because it just leaves you wanting more! You might even love it enough to plant some roots! As one of the top resorts within the town, it’s only fitting that we give you a little tour of our beautiful area!

Winter Activities in Ely MN

While Moose Track Adventures is in hibernation for the winter season, plenty of folks are enjoying the vast amount of winter activities that Ely, MN has to offer. It is a beautiful time of year and typically isn’t crowded so you can really get the lay of the land! Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snowshoeing are some of the many outdoor adventures to be had this winter season! No matter what your outdoor fancy may be this winter, coming back to a nice fire where you can relax and get warm should be a priority when picking your lodging! Here are a list of our current winter activities:

Canoe Outfitting

Cabin Firepit Ely MNWhat good is a big pot of ingredients and no chef to cook it all? Likewise, renting a canoe without the outfitter is just unheard of in Ely, MN. We have canoe trip outfitters within the Ely, MN area that are made up of biologists, historians, and environmental guides that have immense knowledge and a real love for this area. They can take you on all different adventures and excursions based on your wants and ability and they can plan just about everything for you. That’s right, all you have to do is show up. Whether you are looking for the secret nook and cranny of the BWCA to do some fishing or wanting to view the northern lights as you unload your canoe and set up for camp. Canoe outfitting is a must during your trip to Ely, MN.

Dining and Shopping

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or you are just coming for the marshmallows around the campfire, the dining and shopping in Ely, MN is something that you should not miss. As you walk through our downtown area, there are plenty of unique shops and galleries that will catch your eye. We have numerous fine dining establishments, coffee houses as well as small town bars that offer a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Ely, MN is the perfect place to take a break from the stress of life and really breathe in and live solemnly. For more information on Ely, MN or to book your spring and summer trips, call Moose Track Adventures at 218-365-4106 or visit Ely’s most reliable website, www.ely.org.