Permit Info for Boundary WatersWith so much expansion across America, the natural beauty that this country provides is slowly dwindling. That is why it is more important than ever before to take care of preserved areas, so that there beauty can live on for centuries! If you enjoy the outdoors and want to try your hand at canoeing this spring, consider vacationing in Ely, MN at Moose Track Adventures. With the preserved Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness right in our backyard, take advantage of our Ely outfitting services, lakeside resort & guided canoe tours led by guides that know the more than 1200 miles of canoe waters like the back of their hands!

The Ely Adventure Basics

Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. Just like with any adventure, it is very important to cover the basics before jumping in to your activities head first! At Moose Track Adventures, we look to for advice around permits and reservations on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Some important facts that this helpful website has laid out for us include:

  • Reservations are Key – Each entry point on the Boundary Waters has a limited amount of quota permits, so it is important to make reservations in advance. If reserving overnight permits, the minimum charge will be for two adult fees.
  • Where to Pick Up Permits – When making your reservation, pay close attention to where you choose to pick up your permits as that is where your permits will be available. (Moose Track Adventures is cooperator #98 – so just call us, reserve your dates and we will have your permits at our lodge waiting for you.)
  • Name Alternates – Only those listed as a group leader or alternate group leader can pick up your permits, so make sure to list a few extra to ensure you are able to pick up your permits easily.
  • Check Hours – Your permits can be picked up the day before or on the day that you plan to explore the Boundary Waters. Make sure to check your entry points hours of operation as they do vary by location. (If you go through us for your permit the hassle is gone.)
  • Group Leaders are Important – The individual that picks up your permits must be with the group at all times during the excursion. Additionally, they must make sure that the rest of the group follows the areas rules and regulations during their stay.

Boundary Waters Vacation Made Easy

Our goal at Moose Track Adventures if for your stay to be magnificent from start to finish! Let us handle the fine details such as making reservations at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. Additionally, we can help you with getting your necessary permits as well. Serving our visitors with whatever they need is what has helped our resort earn the #1 hotel ranking in Ely, MN!

Take advantage of the natural beauty that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Ely, MN provides. Give our dedicated staff at Moose Track Adventures a call today to book your stay at (218) 365-4106, and let us help you with your permit and reservation needs.