Ely OutfittingLooking for an Ely outfitter to fully equip your time in the BWCA? There’s a variety to choose from, so you’re going to have to narrow the list of Ely outfitters down to one, but how? Wondering how to select an Ely Outfitter? An Outfitter needs to be educated, personable and passionate about the services they provide and the quality of everything they do for you. If you are looking to outfit a canoe, food, camping and other gear, contact Moose Track Adventures for quality outfitted gear for your BWCA trip.

How to Choose a Good BWCA Outfitter?

Here are some tips when looking for quality gear and outfitting services in Ely. This criteria can help ensure the company you choose to outfit your Northland Adventure has what it takes to get your business.

  • Your Interest – Figure out why you are coming to the BWCA and find an outfitter that knows their stuff about exactly what intrigues your group specifically. Boundary Waters history, flora, fauna, fishing, pictographs and so much more,Ely Outfitter our Ely Outfitters have BWCA Guides that can show you all you want to know about this beautiful area. Be sure you choose an outfitter that can cater to your interest specifically.
  • Location – It’s all about the location. Whether you’re looking to cook by the fire and camp for the night or catch a trophy-sized muskie, you need to know where you are to get the most out of your survival adventure in the BWCA. We can help you find what it is that attracts you to this area and keep you equipped while immersed in it.
  • Local Connections – Heard the saying “It is not what you know, it is who you know.”? We are Ely locals with a Highly Rated Resort on Farm Lake. We are well rooted in the BWCA and are happy to be a trusted resource while you are here. It is important to choose someone that knows the area and community when planning a wilderness adventure in the BWCA. We are licensed to fish, hunt, certified to guide and have done so in the BWCA countless times. We can even obtain your Boundary Waters Entry Permits.
  • References – Regardless if you choose to outfit through us or another Ely outfitter, be sure to check references and ask questions that will help you get an idea of the condition of the gear, trip routing ability, their level of resources in the BWCA and if it would be worth it to go again.

Ely, BWCA & Quetico Outfitter

We are your Canoe Country Resource and can confidently take you to and/or through Ely, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Quetico Provincial Park. Reserve your dates and services online or call us and check our credentials at 218-365-4106 or email info@moosetrackadventures.com.