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Moose Track Adventures is the perfect place to go when you want to check a Boundary Waters Canoe Trip off of your bucket list. There are so many wonderful opportunities within the vast wilderness known as the BWCA. Whether your interest lies in a long weekend of fly-fishing or a seven day camping and canoeing adventure, we have all of the Quality Canoeing and Camping Equipment that you need. As a long time Ely MN Outfitting Company, Moose Track Adventures offers a range of Canoe Outfitting Services to suit your taste.

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip

Located just 7 miles outside of Ely MN on the shores of beautiful Farm Lake, is the resort and outfitting service Rated #1 on Trip Advisor. The folks at Moose Track Adventures have been outfitting visitors for more than 20 years. We know these waters and woodlands better than just about anyone. Who could better prepare you for a once in a lifetime (or twice, three times, four, etc.) Boundary Waters Canoe Trip than the experts at Moose Track Adventures?

Canoe Outfitting Services

Preparation is the key to having a successful BWCA vacation. Moose Track Adventures provides several different Canoe Outfitting Services to meet the needs of our guests. We can help you to understand everything that should and should not be brought along for the ride.

  1. All-inclusive Deluxe Kevlar Complete Canoe Outfitting Package
  2. Kevlar Canoe Rental and Food Package
  3. Lightweight Canoe Rental with Partial Canoe Outfitting Package
  4. Fly-in Options from Ely MN to Boundary Waters or Quetico
  5. Boundary Waters Shuttle & Transportation Options
  6. Quality Camping & Canoeing Equipment For Sale

Extremely Knowledgeable BWCA Guides

Our fishing and canoeing guides are extremely knowledgeable on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness area. We can assist you in knowing where to catch elusive fish species and what tackle and gear should be used to reel it in. Paddlers and fishers of all skill levels can all have a great time in the BWCA.

BWCA & Ely MN Outfitting Company

Moose Track Adventures provides the right gear for creating lasting memories in the wilds of Northern Minnesota. We can assist you in planning your Boundary Waters Canoe Trip with canoe outfitting services that will have you well prepared. Let the experienced team at Moose Track Adventures provide you with Ely MN Outfitting Options that include quality camping and canoeing equipment, food packages, shuttle service and more.

Visit Moose Track Adventures for the BWCAW Experience beyond your wildest dreams at: 218-365-4106 or Email: