ely family resortReady to experience a different type of vacation than you’re used to in Ely, MN? If you and your family are ready to take a trip centered around fishing and being near the water, Moose Track Adventures has exactly what you’ve been searching for. As a resort, we have a passion for helping our visitors get the most out of their visit to the Boundary Waters. When it comes to your sleeping arrangements, we offer cabin rentals right by the water with beautiful views. For your activities, choose to rent one of our fishing boats, rather than having to bring one of your boats that are difficult to travel with. By choosing Moose Track Adventures for your next family vacation, you’ll have everything you need right here in Ely, MN!

Fishing Options

If you are unfamiliar with the Boundary Waters, it may be your best bet to try one of our guided fishing trips. Our fishing guides know the ins and outs of these waters and are aware of the favorite hiding spots of most fish species. You don’t have to be a boat owner in order to enjoy fishing out on the Boundary Waters. Many of our fishing packages include an ultra-light kevlar canoe rental that you can use during your stay at Moose Track Adventures. This will include your paddles and life vest so that you are fully prepared for your fishing expeditions.

Cabin Rentals by the Lake

Getting out and enjoying the Boundary Waters is a definite draw to Moose Track Adventures, but don’t overlook your down time. When you’ve called it a day after many hours of fishing, there’s no better place to wind down than one of our lakeside cabins. These cabins include a private dock, charcoal grill, fire pit, wifi and views that are breathtaking. Choose from one of our 6 cabins on the property and enjoy a relaxing vacation with your entire family. Yes, that even includes your dog! As long as your dog is well socialized, you can bring your dog along on the family vacation as well. That way no one feels left out!

Come enjoy the wonderful fishing and amazing scenery that the Boundary Waters in Ely, MN has to offer. If you are looking to take a unique family vacation this year focused on fishing and family time, Moose Track Adventures is the resort for you. Take advantage of our affordable fishing boat and cabin rentals and book your upcoming vacation today. To learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call at (218) 365-4106 or email info@moosetrackadventures.com.