Boundary Waters ResortFreshwater fishing introduces individuals to unique and hard to find fish. In Ely, MN, the boundary waters is home to the walleye fish. This unique type of fish tends to only be found in Canada and the Northern United States. So, if this is a fish you’re eager to see firsthand, our team at Moose Track Adventures encourages you to try out our guided walleye fishing trip.

Reasons to Choose a Guided Fishing Trip

If you are unfamiliar with the boundary waters in Ely, MN, going on a guided fishing tour makes things that much easier. You don’t have to worry about getting lost and you are able to get tips from our guides that have been fishing these waters for years. In fact, we know exactly where those walleye fish love to hangout around these waters, and we’ll take you there so you can try to catch one. Our guided walleye fishing trip can be done on a motor boat or in a canoe, depending on which pace you’d prefer. By joining one of our guided fishing trips, you’ll be able to sit back, fish, and even gain some knowledge about the history of the walleye and these boundary waters. Once you give our guided walleye fishing trip a chance, we’re confident that you and your guests will be back again in the future!

Lodging Options

After a long day on your guided walleye fishing trip, why not relax in a lakeside cabin from Moose Track Adventures. We are all about offering our customers the total package when you go visit the boundary waters in Ely, MN. Who says that your visit has to be a day trip? Try something new this year with your family and spend some time in one of our cabin rentals. With beautiful views, nice amenities and the ability to even bring your dog along on the trip, you can’t beat a vacation with Moose Track Adventures. Choose from one of our 6 lake cabins that will provide you with a vacation unlike one you’ve experienced in a long time.

So, if you love to fish and are eager to visit Ely, MN for something a little bit different, consider joining one of our guided walleye fishing trips at Moose Track Adventures. Our fishing guides know the hidden tricks of the boundary waters. Additionally, you’ll be able to rent a cabin for your family to enjoy after a long day on the water. To set up your next fishing adventure in Ely, MN, give us a call today at (218) 365-4106 or email