Outfitting BWCAWhen you’re heading out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a relaxing canoe trip, the list of necessary items for your trip can be extensive, especially when you consider loading everything into your car and making the drive. If you’re invested in journeying through the BWCA, Moose Track Adventures has the perfect outfitting solutions to help you leave some of your own gear at home so that you can focus on enjoying your trip. So don’t pack your bags, hope you have everything you need, and spend your entire trip to the boundary waters wondering with the nagging feeling that you forgot something at home; let us outfit your trip with our Deluxe Kevlar Canoe Outfitting Package, Canoe, and Food Package, or even a partial outfitting with your choice of items from our extensive equipment list. Come to Ely, Minnesota, today, and see how an outfitted canoe trip can remove the stress and hassle of boundary waters canoeing.

Kevlar Canoe and Food Outfitting Package

If you’re planning to bring much or your own supplies but just need to rent a canoe and have your food taken care of, the Kevlar Canoe and Food Outfitting Package is the perfect outfitting selection for your guided canoe trip. With this package, you’ll receive a Kevlar canoe with yokes, life vests, and paddles, as well as a food pack with ultra-light food, a cooking kit with pots, cooking and eating utensils, and a stove with fuel for an added cost. When you purchase a canoe and food package, you’ll receive lunch and dinner on the water during the first day of your trip and breakfast and lunch on the water for your final day in addition to the three meals per day during your trip.

Deluxe Kevlar Canoe Outfitting Package

Canoe Outfitter in BWCAFor a more extensive outfitting for when you’re planning on packing minimally or you don’t have the supplies you need for a camping canoe trip, leave the ‘list-making’ to us. With our Deluxe Kevlar Canoe Outfitting Package, you’re provided with everything you’d get in the canoe and food package in addition to a slew of camping and boating necessities that you might not want or think to bring yourself. In out all-inclusive outfitting package, we’ll also include tents, sleeping bags, pillows, inflatable mattresses, Crazy Creek chairs, and tarps to make sure your trip is as comfortable as possible, and we’ll add on some extra cooking and camping gear as well. You’ll have access to our boundary waters camping menu, a cooking griddle, cooking utensil cleaning supplies, a folding saw for safe storage, water bottles, trash bags, rope, maps and waterproof map cases, and more!

Outfitting Rentals for a More Simple BWCA Canoe Trip

When all is said and done, not matter what outfitting package you choose, we have the equipment options available so that you have everything you could possibly need for your guided canoe trip, whether you bring it yourself or you supply it. If you’re looking for us to supply individual items, take a look at our partial outfitting equipment list so that you can pick and choose the equipment and amenities we supply. Contact Moose Track Adventures today at 218-365-4106 or info@moosetrackadventures.com, and make your Ely, MN guided canoe trip a success.