quetico-bwca-flyinRemote parts of the BWCA and Quetico are harder to get to by canoe, which is why many choose to fly to their desired wilderness destination. Moose Track Adventure offers Fly-In, Outfitted Trips to the Quetico & BWCA backcountry. We provide you with gear, food, canoes, packs and even a guide if you would like for your remote wilderness adventure. Take a small bush plane and land on the body of water you choose and the adventure begins.

Go Remote in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and/or Quetico Provincial Park

  • Surround yourself with fresh air, flowing water, tall trees and the peace and serenity of solitude.
  • This land has over 2,000 lakes.
  • Wildlife views at every turn.
  • Untouched Fishing
  • Untraveled Territories

Fly-In Canoe Trips

outfitting-quetico-bwca-flyinFly in, camp and canoe where few have ever been. The sights and sounds around you will be completely natural, the lights at night will be from stars & the moon, instead of screens and city lights. There is beauty to behold but it isn’t going to find you, it is your job to find it. The sounds of nature are going on right now, can you hear them from where you are? We can guarantee you the sights and sounds of nature when you fly into the BWCA or Quetico.

Kevlar Outfitting Package

We are just going to drop you off without any equipment! Moose Track Adventure has the perfect, lightweight and durable canoe and camping gear for your remote wilderness adventure. There is no need to miss a meal out in the wild when you have Moose Track Adventures on your side and packing food for your long journey in the BWCA and/or Quetico. Look at our many Camping and Canoeing Outfitting Packages and see which one works best for you on this trip.

Trip of a Lifetime

Get ready to plan your trip of a lifetime with the help from the BWCA & Quetico Experts at Moose Track Adventures. Our experienced guides and outfitters will sit down with you and route your path, ensure it is at your groups level and give you the quality gear you need to enjoy yourself in the raw wilderness. This is truly a trip of a lifetime, so if this is what you want, make it happen! Contact us for more information on our Fly-In BWCA & Quetico Camping and Canoeing trips at 218-365-4106.