Ely VacationNow may be a good time to take a break from the constant separations of society and focus on not about what others are saying but on what would make you happy. What comes to your mind? For many, it’s a relaxing vacation with a little sprinkle of adventure or the other way around. Ely has been named by the National Geographic’s One of the Worlds best Towns for Outdoor Thrills! Now for some, that means nothing but for those who like to experience the thrills of the wild, that just put an extra vacation destination on your list.

Ely is a Small Town with Big Wild

Get the small town feel when you are in the small city of Ely, Minnesota. Stop by a delicious diner, enjoy service at your car the local gas station once again and feel the warmth of this small and tight-knit community. Then you have the Big Wild! While you’re here the sights alongside the road are even beautiful but when you get back into the lakes, creeks, trees, animals, vegetation and history it is absolutely breathtaking. With miles of options and loads of gear, when you come to Ely you know the adventure is near!

What Makes Ely a Vacation Destination to add to your List?

  • Over A Million Acres of Forest to Explore
  • Solitude
  • Over A Thousand Miles of Canoe Routes
  • 12 Hiking Trails
  • 2000 Designated Camp Sites
  • Comfortable Lake Resorts & Cabins
  • Ample Wildlife
  • Nature Everywhere you Turn

Travel through the endless amounts of freshwater and because of our climate, you won’t have to worry about alligators, sharks or many poisonous animals but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own challenges to face in BWCA wilderness. Safety in the BWCA is a must, protect yourself from the cold, hunger, dehydration and other risks by preparing and partnering with an experienced Ely local that can help you in every aspect of your vacation, like us here at Moose Track Adventures, a trusted Ely Resort, Outfitter & Guide.