Ely Minnesota Tourist SpotsWhen looking into Ely Minnesota tourist spots a little planning and mapping goes a long way. Moose Track Adventures has been in Ely, MN for many years. Jim, one of the Resort owners, has been exploring the BWCA, Quetico and the Superior National Forest for his entire life. We have explored everything we can around these beautiful lands and we love it more with every mile we continue to go and you will too! Getting lost in the wilderness and experiencing the past doesn’t have to be a solo journey. It can be shared with family, friends, and other types of groups, but planning for the BWCA is key, this is the wilderness.

Top Ely Minnesota Tourist Spots

On any vacation, taking a little time to plan can save a rainy day and allow for more options on the sunny ones. Before you make your way up here, make sure to know everything available and near,  from local Ely attractions to the BWCA seasons, dates, and get everything done all at once. Or come back and be a frequent visitor to our beautiful plotted land. Some of the more popular places to stop for view are:

  • Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness- Great place for canoeing, kayaking, photography, camping, fishing, hunting, oh my!
  • Dorthy Molter Museum- Our locally legendary Lady of Root Beer, Dorthy Molter’s museum is a delicious treat for the younger generations as well as older!
  • International Wolf Center & North American Bear Center– Learn more about the wild, the species of wolves, bear, and see some of the tamest wild animals in person!
  • Many Trails- Mountain Biking, cross-country skiing, rollerblading, and hiking with Instagram-able views!

Our local pubs, diners, and restaurants along with our local grocery store can fill your stomachs as your eyes adjust from all the amazing, natural sights. Ely, MN is the home of many great outfitters for the adventurer’s needs, guided, and UN-guided.

Tour The Boundary Waters Ely MN

Guided tours of the boundary waters in Ely, MN is an amazing journey to take in one’s lifetime. Though, once you try it, it’s like a Lay’s potato chip, “you just can’t have one”. Our outfitting services will provide you and the gang a great ride for when you want to experience life on the water. Either guided or solo! Before you take a trip to Ely Minnesota contact Moose Track Adventures and check out all we have to offer and don’t forget our lakeside cabins!