Moose Track Adventure Canoe Brand: Wenonah Kevlar Canoes

BWCA & Ely MN Outfitting CompanyAt Moose Track Adventures, we use Wenonah Kevlar Canoes because they are the premier canoe brand for long lake trips. Top of the line for both performance and capacity, this is the perfect BWCA canoe brand for lake exploring, professional guides, fishing professionals, and park rangers.

Comfortable Canoe Pack Brand: Kondos Outfitter Pack

With the Kondos Outfitter Canoe Pack, you’ll have everything in your canoe that you could need for your comfort and safety. Overall, this pack couldn’t be more inclusive. Between the large number of canoe pack features available and the comfort of the contoured curved back straps, you’ll have no problem understanding why Kondos Outfitter Packs are our BWCA canoe pack brand of choice!

Paddle Brand: Bent Shaft Paddles

On our outfitted and all-inclusive BWCA trips, we provide Bent Shaft Paddles to all of our explorers, the perfect light-weight elbow paddle for any boater. As a durable paddle, these make for a convenient and practical BWCA paddle brand.

BWCA Life Vest Brand of Choice: MTI Livery

Both comfortable and effective, MTI Livery produces personal flotation devices perfect for any boater, but its their excellent fit and size range, as well as the large arm holes for optimum movement, that makes this life vest brand great for the needs of Moose Track Adventures’ guides and guest adventurers.

BWCA Tent Brands: Marmot or North Face Tents

These two tent brands are great for BWCA camping trips, as they’re roomy and easy to set up! With vestibules for plenty of storage space, interior gear pouches, and a sturdy structure, both of these are optimum BWCA tent brands that we provide on our outfitted and all-inclusive boating trips.

High-Quality BWCA-Ready Sleeping Bag Brand: Marmot Trestles

We choose to use Marmot Trestles sleeping bags as our BWCA sleeping bag brand of choice, as these sleeping bags are perfect for extremely cold temperatures. These famously high-quality 15 degree sleeping bags allow all of our adventurers to rest easy. Made to be packed for easy backpacking, these are the perfect BWCA sleeping bag brand for you without being burdened by your bag during the day.

Sleeping Pad Brand: Therm-A-Rest

We’ll provide a full-length Therm-A-Rest sleeping pad to keep you warm and comfortable during your trip, a great sleeping pad brand for outdoor trips. This lightweight sleeping pad makes it an ideal BWCA sleeping pad brand.

Dining Fly Brand: Kondos

When evaluating the best dining fly brand for your needs on an all-inclusive and fully outfitted boating trip, we make sure that we get the best brand possible for your comfort. We use Kondos Deluxe Taped Rip-Top Tarps because they’re an ultra-strong tarp brand that have amazing value. With reinforced edges and durable stake loops, this the BWCA tarp brand of choice for our adventurers.

Portable Stove Brand: Coleman Peak 1 Feather 400

This portable stove offers a burner bowl and wind screen to ensure your stove stays lit no matter the weather conditions. This stove fits in many backpack pockets, making it a convenient BWCA stove brand.

Camp Chair Brand: Crazy Creek

There are countless camp chair brands to choose from, but we find that Crazy Creek camp chairs have immense value for their exceptional comfort and usability on all terrain. As lightweight chairs, these BWCA camping chairs of choice won’t weight you down during your travels.

To learn more about the gear brands on our outfitted and all-inclusive BWCA Ely, MN boating trips, contact Moose Track Adventures at 218-365-4106 or