Boundary waters NatureHello, gorgeous! While most city folk are checking their furnaces and securing their windows for the upcoming winter season, Moose Track Adventures is out here just enjoying the view! Out at the Ely Minnesota Resort, snow is on the ground and it is absolutely stunning! There’s nothing like a beautiful white blanket of snow covering the ground in the Minnesota winter. Just when you think the picture couldn’t get any better, you look down and see tiny little footprints. The BWCA is filled with gorgeous nature this time of year! We’ve all heard the term, “Minnesota tough” but what does that really mean? It’s likely that the people that created this term weren’t snuggled up in the city watching movies and sipping fancy cocoa. No! They were out engaging with Minnesota’s nature and the beauty that the winter season brings! BWCA wildlife and plants can be spotted all throughout different seasons. Let Moose Track Adventures show you the beauty of a real Minnesota winter!

BCWA Trees and Plants

As the leaves fall and the snow settles in, red pine, eastern white pine, jack pine, birch, balsam fir, white spruce, black spruce, blue spruce, and white cedar are among the most popular trees seen along the BWCA. During the spring and summer months, blueberries, raspberries, and even strawberries can be picked along the edges of BWCA.

BWCA Animals

Just because the winter season is here does not mean every animal goes into hibernation. The boundary waters are filled with a large population of wolves that leave footprints along the snow. Moose, beavers, bears, deer, and bobcats are other native animals seen within the BWCA. Additionally, not all our birds fly south for the winter. Minnesota’s state bird, the loon, is frequently heard all throughout the Boundary Waters, along with Chickadee bird songs and, if you’re lucky, a bald eagle or an osprey. Fishing in the BWCA waters is known to be the best place for Minnesota fishing. Fishermen with rapalas, jigs, leeches, and spoons gather their gear, even in the winter months, and head out to catch some game. Moose Track Adventures leads guided fishing trips through the on season of the year, for those looking to know more about the area.

BWCA nature is a beautiful thing. With the right lodging, we can make your exploration of nature a real adventure come Spring! For more information, call us today at 218-365-4106.