Cold Water Fishing BWCAIf your love of the outdoors is strong, the weather doesn’t stop you. You just come prepared and brave through. With next week is projected to be in the 40 degrees, we would call this cold weather fishing. The fish are still there, where are you? Take a quick trip up to Ely and The Boundary Water Canoe Area and enjoy the chance at a trophy-sized catch! Just be sure to dress warm, our cozy lakeside cabins are a great fit for the night or a couple and your own private dock makes it easy to take your boat back out again. Our Resort near the BWCA is off of Farm Lake, which is connected to a chain of four others, called The White Iron Chain of Lakes, one of which has a BWCA entry point.

BWCA & Ely Fishing in the Fall

There are a lot of fish to be hooked, from the docks of our resort to the chain of lakes surrounding and the many lakes within Ely and the BWCA. When fishing, it is important to understand there are motor restrictions here. Because this is canoe country so there are restrictions in an effort to preserve the area. Regardless there are plenty of lakes to go around and fish in with a motor or with a paddle and there are plenty of fish not suspecting their dinner would turn them into yours. Unless they need to be thrown back, then it’s for thrills.

Cold Water Fishing

Cold Water Fishing ElyWhen the temperatures get colder the fish start swimming to deeper waters, where the temperatures are not so extreme. The best place to find fish, as the temps get cooler, is likely towards large underwater drop-offs and other deep spaces. And be sure your bait is big a juicy, to get the big fish to really want it.

Fish common in/near BWCA

  • Walleye
  • Muskie
  • Northern Pike
  • Bass
  • Crappie
  • Pan Fish

Cabins, Boat Rentals, Outfitting Equipment & Guides near the BWCA

Contact Moose Track Adventure if you would like a Lake Cabin Stay near the BWCA. Spend the night in one of our cozy cabins and come down to the lodge anytime to discuss the fishing holes and catches in the local area. Our resort also offers Boat Rentals, Canoe Rentals, BWCA Outfitting, BWCA Guiding and vast knowledge about this land and what is native. Reserve your Lake Cabin online or call us at 218-365-4106.