Fishing Walleyes in the BWCAWhen you’re out fishing, the reality is that you’re not always going to catch the biggest fish of your life, or even any fish at all. Although it’s an unavoidable part of fishing, coming home empty handed is always less exciting than toting a cooler full of fresh catches to show off. If you’re looking to get out of your fishing slump and try out your luck in some new waters, take a look at the Boundary Waters of Ely, Minnesota. In these Northern Minnesota waters, if you’re fishing for Walleyes, there’s a good chance that if you’re with one of our experienced BWCA fishing guides at Moose Track Adventures, you won’t leave the waters without something to show for your efforts.

Boundary Waters Walleye Fishing

No matter what you’re looking to gain from a BWCA fishing trip, Moose Track Adventures has exactly what you need for a successful trip that’s filled from start to finish with excitement. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with your fishing buddies, a camping trip spent fishing in the best Walleye fishing spots in Ely Boundary Waters, an afternoon spent taking in the views and stocking up on tasty walleye, or a morning full of lessons in best fishing practices, we have it all, and we want to share it with you. Because we’re passionate about fishing, the outdoors, and Minnesota wildlife, we’ve made all things wild in the Boundary Waters our business. That means our fishing guides know the best fishing spots, fishing practices, and scenic views in the BWCA that will get you feeling like you’re not just going on a fishing trip for Walleye, you’re getting ready for some of the greatest fishing tales of your life.

Guided BWCA Fishing Trips

When you’re looking to snag some walters and make a day, or even a week, out of the experience, Moose Track Adventures has the resources, trips, and guides to help you have the perfect walleye fishing experience. When you come to us, you’ll have the opportunity to choose as extravagant or simple a trip as you’d like, choosing from all-inclusive outfitted camping, canoeing and fishing trips, fishing lessons, and day-long fishing tours around the BWCA. The experience will be entirely your own, created to suit your schedule and your fishing wishes perfectly.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer looking for some walleye, turn your attention to the Boundary Waters of Ely, Minnesota. Here at Moose Track Adventures, our fishing guides, experts at locating the best fishing spots and bringing you back to them every time, will take you on a journey for walleye that you’ll never forget. Don’t pass up an opportunity to get an insider’s look into the wildlife of the BWCA; contact our guides today at 218-365-4106, or send an email to to schedule your guided fishing trip for walleye.