BWCA Fishing GuideWhen you’re looking to experience the full beauty of the BWCA, immerse yourself in boundary waters adventures, and make new fishing memories that you’ll never forget, a BWCA guided fishing trip with Moose Track Adventures is the way to go. Our Ely, MN BWCA fishing guides know the boundary waters like no one else, offering fishing advice to beginner and expert fishermen and women. Whatever your experience may be, you can’t go wrong with our BWCA fishing guides, who will lead you through the boundary waters and through a fishing tour you’ll never forget. When you come to Moose Track Adventures for a personal and meaningful fishing experience, you won’t be disappointed; in fact, there’s a good chance you’ll wonder why you don’t come back every year! So whether you’re experienced in BWCA fishing or are looking for guidance in navigating and catching different breeds of fish in the boundary waters, our fishing guides will ensure that you have the experience you want and leave knowing you’ve had an amazing adventure in the boundary waters.

BWCA Ely MN Fishing Guides

The beauty of having fishing guides at your disposal on boundary waters guided fishing trips is that, not only will you never get lost, you’ll always be informed about navigating and catching in the boundary waters, and you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re taking the right angle or fishing in the right area. Our BWCA fishing guides have been working as boundary waters Ely, MN fishing guides for years, and they’re adventurers themselves. That means that you’re getting more than an informed textbook tour of the boundary waters; you’re getting experienced BWCA fishing guides who can show you their personal favorite fishing spots and help you see the history and nature of the boundary waters through the eyes of a fellow adventurer. Participating in a BWCA guided fishing trip also has its advantages when lunch time comes, as you’ll have the option to participate in a fresh-caught meal with your fishing guide, tasting your catch the day you reel it in! You’ll have your lunch cooked right in front of you, getting a front seat to an outdoor meal that will remind you again why you love the outdoors.

Boundary Waters Guided Fishing Trip Options

If you’re looking into our BWCA guided fishing trips, be sure to look through our fishing trip options so that you can choose the best adventure for you!

BWCA Basswood Lake Guided Fishing Trip: A day trip on the Northern Minnesota Basswood Lake, perfect for anyone looking to increase their chances of making some great catches! Bait, boat, gas, fishing rods, and life vests are included in this trip.

BWCA Remote Lakes Guided Trip: If you have a remote fishing location in mind for your BWCA guided fishing trip, this is the perfect option for you! It’s a way to create a personalized BWCA fishing trip!
Ely Area Lake Guided Trips: A classic boundary waters fishing trip that will allow you to experience Ely, MN BWCA fishing!
White Iron Chain of Lakes Fishing Trip: Fishing in the White Iron Chain of Lakes, you’ll enjoy fishing in four interconnected lakes: White Iron Lake, Farm Lake, Garden Lake, and South Farm Lake. With so many places to go, why choose just one!?
Ultimate Cast and Blast Fishing Trip: If you’re a serious fisher, this trip is for you! You’ll enjoy a two-day BWCA guided fishing trip that you can map out and plan yourself with the help of our experienced fishing guides.
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