Boundary-Waters-Canoe-Guide-Services-Ely-MNIf you’re interested in the beauty of nature and want to take a closer look, the Ely, MN boundary waters are a perfect place to delve into adventure. And with Moose Track Adventures BWCA eco tourism guides, you can leave all worries behind and just enjoy your trip. With a guided tour, there’s no need to worry about getting lost trying to navigated the BWCA on your own or wondering what exactly you’re looking at when you see an interesting animal, fish, or other piece of nature. With our BWCA Ely, Minnesota guides by your side, you’ll be able to experience everything around you with a newfound sense of certainty and enjoyment, seeing everything in nature for what it is. You’ll enjoy everything that makes the BWCA different from anywhere else you’ve been, and that’s what makes our guided BWCA eco tourism trip so special.

Half- and Full-Day BWCA Ely MN Boat Trips

When you choose to embark on one of our guided BWCA eco tourism trips, you’ll have the option of a full- or half-day guided BWCA trip, and you’ll be the judge of what the best trip is for you. With our half-day eco-tourism BWCA trip, you’ll enjoy a 4-hour tour through the BWCA from 10 am to 2 pm, only $200 per trip. Or, for a full-day eco-tourism guided BWCA trip, you’ll have 8 hours exploring the boundary waters, from 8 am to 4 pm, for only $300! Whichever trip you choose, you can bet that you’ll have exactly the experience you’d like with our eco-tourism guides available to help you take in your surroundings with an improved understanding of everything you experience and see.

BWCA Trip Essentials

Preparing for your BWCA eco-tourism trip, you should keep in mind that your guide can provide you with a life jacket and permit, and you’ll have a canoe available to you through the cost of your trip. All you need to worry about is packing rain gear, sun gear, a camera, food and drinks, and an adventurous spirit!
Experienced BWCA Tour Guides

One of the benefits of experiencing a guided BWCA eco-tourism trip is that, with Moose Track Adventures, your guides are more than just navigators. Rather than just getting someone who can help you make your way through the Ely, MN BWCA, you’ll be guided by someone who knows about the BWCA better than almost anyone, including the a knowledge of the wildlife you’ll find throughout your trip, plant species, and even identifying birds from their calls. Whether you’re looking to take some amazing BWCA photos or just experience nature up close, our BWCA Ely, Minnesota eco-tourism trip is the perfect way for you to get to know the boundary waters like never before. To begin planning your boundary waters guided eco-tourism trip, contact us at 218-365-4106 or