Ely MN CampingThe BWCA is a beautiful place to visit each and every year. Here at Moose Track Adventures, our lakeside Ely cabins and camping sights are quickly reserved for the spring as the BWCA in Ely, MN is Trip Advisor’s #1 suggestion. While we are closed to visitors in the winter time, we are already gearing up and prepping our equipment for the spring! One of our most important meetings within our team and throughout the BWCA community is how we can help to preserve it. So as you plan your trip to the BWCA, go ahead and book your cabins, equipment and permits for the spring. Additionally, help us out by learning ways to help preserve the BWCA and keep this wonderful place beautiful.

Off-site Camping

As you enjoy hiking the wilderness within the BWCA, be aware of the potential traces you may be leaving behind. One of the most critical errors that our visitors make while enjoying this environment happens to be campfires. While it seems to be a must-have skill base for hikers just learning the ropes, it is equally important to understand when a fire is appropriate and when it’s just doing damage. Here are some key questions to ask before settling down for a meal:

  1. Will a fire cause potential damage to the backcountry?
  2. Are there any restrictions to starting a fire in the area? Is there a fire danger risk this time of year?
  3. Is there enough wood so that we are not removing things from their natural environment?
  4. Is the demand for firewood worth the cost of a live wood source?
  5. Do you have enough skill to leave no trace?

Preserving the BWCA Through Stoves

While a nice big fire may be convenient for you, a nice alternative would be the lightweight and efficient camp stove. These stoves are ideal in the BWCA because they are fast, easy to carry and eliminate the need for firewood, allowing you to leave no trace once again.

Fire Ring

If you just can’t imagine a BWCA trip without a beautiful bonfire, we understand that too. The perfect way to preserve the BWCA and achieve that nostalgia is to camp at Moose Track Adventures. Each campground site has a fire ring and wood bundles are available for purchase at the lodge. This means that you can enjoy the outdoors with the fire you’ve been waiting for, and others can still enjoy the timeless beauty that makes the BWCA.

For more information on preserving the BWCA or to book your trip with Moose Track Adventures this spring, please call us today at 218-365-4106.